Courtesy Trailer

We offer the furniture trailer for your use at no charge However, if any damage is incurred whilst you have the trailer you agree to pay the $500 excess or the cost of the repair (whichever is the least) to Rolleston Storage Ltd

The trailer is available only if you are a customer of Rolleston Storage and can be picked up and returned to 108 Izone Drive.

Please complete the form below to book the trailer.

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Agreement Terms

  • The driver must be at least 21 years of age and have a full licence

  • The insurance excess is $500 regardless and must be paid immediately in the event of an incident

  • The driver listed is responsible for this cost if it is incurred

  • The driver is responsible for any speeding or traffic infringements

  • Any damage to, or by, the trailer must be reported immediately to Craig on 0800765978

  • The trailer will be returned on the same time unless written approval is provided by Craig.