Frequently Asked Questions

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Moving IN

How do I know what size unit to rent?  The easiest way is to simply talk to one of our team, or refer to Our Units information page.

How do I access my unit? You will be provided a key card to access the security gate and a key to open the padlock on your unit.

Help I’ve ordered the wrong size unit? No problem simply contact one of our staff who will arrange to change the unit

Is there a minimum/maximum term? You can have the unit for as long as you need.  Our best pricing is for leases of six months or more.  We typically don't lease units for less than one month but call our team to discuss.

Do I need insurance to cover my unit contents?  You are best to contact your insurance company to confirm this.  In many cases your existing Contents insurance will cover your goods while they are stored with us.

Can I get shelving for my unit?  Yes we can provide shelving\racks in your unit for a small fee

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Moving Out

Where do I return the key?  There is a key return box next to the access point on the gate.

How much notice do I need to give?  While we appreciate advance notice it is not required.  When you are done with the unit simply return the key and card with your bank account details for the bond refund.

Will I get my bond back?  Yes, provided the unit has been swept, key\card returned and your rent is up to date.

When will I get my bond back?  Usually allow 1-2 weeks for the bond to be refunded to your bank account



What bank account do I pay into?  Please set up a recurring payment via online banking.  Our bank details are BNZ 02-0464-0008625-002

What payment reference do I use? Please use your unit name and surname\business name ie A05 - Smith

What if I miss a payment or have trouble paying?  The best thing to do is to contact Nick or Katrina (email) to discuss a solution, we are usually able to come to a temporary arrangement to help you work through the problem.  If the unit is in arrears and we are unable to contact you we may be forced to restrict access to the unit



I'd like to see the storage contract?  This is available to download from our Useful Information page